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Q. What is the general process from start to finish?
A. The process starts with a survey of your lawn. We will come at your convenience, your presence is not required, to measure the lawn and take the water pressure. We will then calculate an estimate based on that information. If you agree to the estimate, we organize with your township for the lawn to be marked for any wires or cables. This takes up to 3 days. We then use our ditch witch to lay the pipe and then proceed to installing heads. The time this takes depends on the size of your lawn, but we average about 20 heads a day. The plumbing may or may not happen simultaneously. We then hook up to the house and turn the system on. Lastly, heads are adjusted to cover the lawn to our specifications. We will walk you through setting and reading the timer and rain senser as well as anything else you'd like to know.

Q. Do I need to get a plumber or call the town for permits?
A. No and No. We take care of the plumbing and the permits. We work with a certified plumber who is very experienced in hooking irrigation systems into homes. If anything special needs to be done to your home, we will notify you ahead of time and inform you of any additional work and/or costs.

Q. What do I do when the season is over?
A. Schedule us to come and close your system as well as open your system in the Spring.

Q. What will my lawn look like when you're done?
A. We use a machine called a ditch witch to pull the pipe through your lawn. This machine inserts a blade holding one end of the pipe into the lawn and vibrates as the machine drags it forward. The machine thus leaves a seam in the lawn where the blade has been. We go over the seam with a tamper to level whatever earth has been disturbed by rocks and roots. So, we leave little imprint on your lawn.

Q. What if I want to add to the system after you are done?
A. We can easily add heads and zones to your system.

Q. How does the lawnmower work into this?
A. The heads we install will be flush with the ground and will not disturb lawn mowing.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to call us or email us any time. Click here for contact info.

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